Birthday Parties/Groups

Having your birthday party at Magical Yogurt is a breeze! Everyone will love the yogurt and toppings we offer. If you have special party supplies such as a tablecloth, balloons, etc., we will be more than happy to set it up for you so that your party will be ready to go when you arrive – just drop off your decorations the day before the party and we will take care of you. We also clean up after the party, so there’s absolutely no work for you! Call (409)751-6644 today to book your next birthday party!

-Birthday Bash-

Each party gets two hours of reserved seating. Each person in the party gets an 8oz cup to fill up with as much yogurt and toppings as desired. We do not weigh the cups; it is $6 per person. We require a $15 deposit to hold your reservation, but that $15 will be subtracted from your total at the end of the party. Notification of cancellation must be made within 24 hours or the deposit cannot be refunded. Please note that refills must be weighed.


Magical Yogurt supports the community 100%. Fundraiser nights are a great way for us to show our support. Fundraiser nights are for groups/organizations to raise funds for their cause. Examples:

  • School organizations wanting to raise funds for their clubs;
  • Scout groups wanting to raise funds to go to camps;
  • Sport teams looking to fund a trip or new jerseys

How it works:

How it works: the group picks a night and advertises it to their community as their “Fundraiser Night.” Then, 15% of the sales (before taxes) of that day go directly to the group, so make sure to advertise hard! The members of the groups/organizations are more than welcome to greet customers as they come in to thank them for their support.  Call (409)751-6644 today if you have questions or would like to book your fundraiser night!